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Sinus Lift

What is a Sinus Lift?

A sinus lift, or sinus lift graft, is a reasonably common procedure done to lengthen the height of the maxillary bone as a basis for further reconstructive dental work, particularly dental implants.

Benefits Include:

  • Dental implants can often be placed immediately following grafting
  • Regeneration of tissue and increased stability and strength
  • Overall oral health improvement
  • Increased longevity of natural teeth
  • Enhanced functionality and aesthetic appearance

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When there are gaps in the Posterior Maxilla (jaw) caused by missing teeth, astrophy will occur due to lack of bone stimulation and higher pressures in the sinus causing the sinus to enlarge over time

There are three parts of the sinus lift procedure: a) Lifting the gum b) Creating an opening in the bone c) Lifting the sinus membrane and 

raising it to its original height or a little higher

The sinus is filled with the bone graft material – either the patient’s own bone from another location, synthetic bone, or freeze dried demineralised human bone or animal bone (ie/bovine bone) is used 

The bone is the template that promotes bone growth within the spaces. The bone is also reabsorbed and replaced by the patient’s own bone.

With certain bovine bone substitutes, approximately 70% of the bone is restored within 7-9 months. 

As time passes the bone area becomes more like the original as the bone is reabsorbed until it is eventually 100% the patient’s own bone (unless non-reabsorbable material is used)

The dental implant can usually be placed 7-9 months following a

bovine bone graft and 4-6 months following an autograft (patient’s own 

bone), once the bone has matured to a certain degree

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